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Hoisting Pak flags was still the obvious choice when I saw people drowning in the floods: Kashmiri Separatist

20, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Kashmir Valley: Upcoming separatist leader and mob-management specialist Sharbat Azam has claimed in recent statements given to secular and normal news channels that flag hoisting has been his childhood hobby. He also said that he has made huge sacrifices for hoisting flags during hazardous life-threatening situations such as floods and earthquakes. Sharbat was recently accused of hoisting flags and creating tension in valley for no apparent reason.

Talking to reporters Sharbat clarified his stance in detail, “I wish to narrate a story of utmost sacrifice which I made when floods ravaged Kashmir valley in 2014. While my people and their homes were being brutally devastated by flood’s fury, I was still hoisting flags because flag hoisting it is a passion and obsession which I just cannot let go, no matter what happens. I saw some people getting drowned crying helplessly and some people being saved by others but I could not go to help them as I could not let go of my beloved flag post.

Just a passion and hobby for Kashmiri youth like stone pelting and abusing Indian army
Just a passion and hobby for Kashmiri youth like stone pelting and abusing Indian army

“I saw kids crying on road asking for their mothers but could not rush to help them because of my flag hoisting passions. I saw some strange people in Indian Army uniforms helping “my” people for no reason, not sure where they came from and not sure who they were? But I didn’t pay much attention as I was focused on only one fact that flag should be hoisted on the streets at any cost at all times.”

“One of those days when I was struggling to hoist a fag on my rooftop because it was quite windy, I even let a random cat coolly drink milk which I boiled few minutes back for my consumption. That I believe was the ultimate sacrifice I had ever made for hoisting my flag,” Sharbat said with tears of victimhood in his eyes.

On being asked on why is he confessing his love for flag hoisting in media, Sharbat got quite emotional, “I am very passionate about this cause and through media I can publicize it even further. I am also going to start a dedicate Facebook page called ‘Mah Flag Mah Agenda’. Using this Facebook page I and my team would harness power of social media to further our cause. We will teach people of valley just one thing, it doesn’t matter if you are poor, or hungry, or sick, or even hurt by shelling from across the border, you should just keep hoisting flags. All your problems will be solved.”