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Holding talks in Gujarat a ploy to keep Chinese President farthest away from Arunachal Pradesh

18, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. If sources from PMO are to be believed, choosing Gujarat as a place to hold talks with Chinese President was actually a ploy by Modi led Govt. to keep the Chinese delegation farthest away from Arunachal Pradesh.

“Yes, it was a precautionary exercise and well thought of decision. We didn’t want to let even a whiff of Arunachal’s air to pass through Xi-Jinping’s nostrils. It could have led to talks being derailed; hence we chose a place which was geographically farthest away from Arunachal Pradesh,” a source from PMO confirmed.

“No that is Sabarmati river, not Brahmaputra river”

Holding talks anywhere close to Arunachal Pradesh would have carried huge risk of Chinese delegation getting distracted and forgetting why they were India in first place.

“It’s like if you are an engineer appearing for a job interview, and you encounter a good looking HR, you forget all your concepts and all your preparation goes for a toss,” the PMO source explained.

With this clarification, PMO also hopes to put rest to all speculations over why Gujarat was given preferential treatment by Ex state CM turned PM, and chosen ahead of any other state.

Before finalizing Gujarat, Govt wanted to play it so safe that they were even considering a plan to construct a standalone island in the middle of Arabian Sea off Gujarat sea coast, where bilateral talks would have happened.

But the idea was dropped after it was found to be economically not feasible.

“Also that would have put borders of African nations into danger,” pointed the PMO source.

Meanwhile now that Chinese President has moved to Delhi, talks are on to convince him to extend his duration of stay by 2 more days.

“If he agrees, we will hold some more talks, but this time in Kanyakumari. This way he would be farthest away from Ladakh as well,” the source from PMO chuckled.