IIT student invents a device that will first test the 'coronavirus testing kits' sent by China before it is used for treating patients

09, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

China has been sending huge quantities of relief materials such as face masks and PPE’s to many covid affected countries.


But with many nations calling out China for sending substandard material, there is a growing concern over protective gear coming from the country.

Fortunately a student from IIT has come to the rescue with his unique kit that will test all the testing kits sent by China

Speaking to Faking News, the student from IIT Mumbai said, “I have been reading about how relief material from China is turning out to be as good as fake. That got me really angry. Ek toh virus yaha bhej diya, upar se nakli testing kit bhi. So I came up with this testing kit which will check the suitability of material sent by China.”

The news of the testing kit made its way to social media and many lauded the ingenuity of the IIT student.

Apparently, several nations are now requesting India to mass product the testing kit and export them.

Donald Trump too made a mention of it in his address to the nation. He did not of speak of any retaliation though in case his demands are not met.

PM Modi expressed his gratitude to all IIT engineers in the country and pointed out how invaluable their contribution was, specially at a time when the country was grappling with the pandemic.

There were also speculations that PMs next task could be that citizens come out in their balcony and clap for 5 mins to express gratitude towards engineers.

This piece of news however was  not confirmed by any ministry official.