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Impressed with slogans of 'Pakistan Zindabad' raised in UP by Owaisi's AIMIM, PCB asks BCCI if they can make UP their home venue

14, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Basti. After news of AIMIM leaders and Owaisi supporters raising ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans in the Basti district became viral, Pakistan Cricket Board wrote a letter to BCCI, seeking permission for making the district their home venue for all future international matches.

“Despite relentless efforts, we have so far failed to convince any major test playing nation to come and play in Pakistan, ever since that infamous terrorist attack on Sri Lankan players in the year 2009. We are losing out on huge chunk of revenue by holding matches in UAE (their makeshift home venue). Why should we go so far, when we have such passionate fan base right in our neighborhood,” PCB chief Shahryar Khan explained the reason behind writing that letter.

Owaisi assuring locals of subsidized match tickets once Pakistan starts playing here.
Owaisi assuring locals of subsidized match tickets once Pakistan starts playing here.

“The passion showed by locals and AIMIM politicians in Basti, that too a day before 14th August (Pak’s independence day) has completely bowled us over (this time only figuratively). Trust me I haven’t seen this patriotism even in Pakistanis. I am confident all our matches played there will go houseful,” PCB chief told Faking News.

Shahryar Khan further pointed to how in fact most of the Pakistani fans get upset every now and then and attack Pakistani players and how they needed to learn from their Indian counter parts.

When asked that they could have also asked BCCI to allow them to use Kashmir Valley as their home venue when they already had such massive support base there and why did they wait, the PCB chief was intervened and had his mike snatched away by ISI chief, who said, “Kashmir is already ours. There is no need to take permission for that. It is Basti and other such cities in India, which we are yet to acquire that is why we thought of being courteous enough to take permission.”