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Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan speech to be sent as Pakistan’s official entry to Oscars

23, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

After India announced that Gully Boy would be its Oscar entry, Pakistan too has decided on participating in the race.

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Shafqat Mahmood, Minister for Broadcasting in Pakistan, today announced that they would be sending Imran Khan’s speech as official entry for Oscars.

The Minister was confident that the speech would trump competition, including Gully Boy, to make it to the final list of nominees. And probably get Pakistan its first Oscar.

While speaking to Faking News he said, “It’s not we don’t have movies to send. But given that the academy award judges would look at drama content at par with the best in the world, we unanimously agreed on sending Imran’s Naya Pakistan speech. Besides, we have maximize our chances of winning.”

“It is not just stellar content, but also some path-breaking performance by our Wazir-e-Azam,” he added.

The aforementioned speech was made by Imran on the eve of the country’s Independence Day and similar to the Naya Pakistan speech made before being elected to power.

Many hail the speech as acting at its finest and even called for the PM to take up full time acting after retiring from politics.

No sooner this announcement was made, netizens from the country took to social media to praise Imran for this effort to put Pakistan on global stage.

“Unlike India which only believes in promoting poverty through its movies, our Imran saab has an optimistic outlook. He has a vision. A vision of making Pakistan a superpower. I am sure that it will win an Oscar,” read a post on Facebook.

Imran Khan did not directly respond to questions on the Oscars, but sources within the Pak establishment say that he will travel to US to receive the award.