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In a shocking move, Indian "liberals" request terrorists to stop violence

09, Jan 2015 By manithan

Mumbai. All India Liberals Association (AILA) has requested terrorists all over the world to shun violence and start looking after their families.

Thousands of terrorists fighters surrendered to the respective police or armed forces in the countries they were planning to do attacks. They revealed that they cannot stand the terror words from Right Wing terrorists that might kill their brain.

Speaking to Faking News, AILA head Sagarika Sharma, said, “We, the liberals of India, have come together for a good cause today. We have decided to fight our own war against terrorism. There are several ways in which terrorism ruins common man’s life – right from cruel and crude methods like boycotting movies and protesting outside theaters to usual methods like bombing markets and beheading people. While the former groups of terrorists are usually motivated by religion, we had given up on them. We have decided to talk to the latter group of terrorists, who have got nothing to do with religion, and convince them to renounce terrorism.”

Drawing a huge breath, she continued, “We will convince the latter group of terrorists, who have no religion, to not indulge in such acts, because it pains us to see rabid bigoted chauvinistic sexist violent homophobic communal saffron fringe right-wing lunatic brigade gets a chance to make fun of some religion online. We should never let those guys get that chance.”

On this occasion, AILA released an official statement to the terrorists, which read, “You guys are good at heart, and we know it. However, your acts are giving bad name to your good hearts. Please become moderates. We can help you in this transformation.”

“Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword,” the statement pointed out.

Another journalist, who was observing Modi waves on Goa beaches and is a member of AILA, said, “Just like pen is mightier than a sword, tweets are violent than terrorists. People like me are targeted by such tweets from Internet Hindus and we are facing such terror incidents everyday. It is high time we acted, and thus we can come together for this noble cause.”