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In Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan, from getting job to govt formation, all will take place through protests

31, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Islamabad. Disclosing his grand plans and vision for Naya Pakistan, PTI chief Imran Khan today unveiled his party manifesto to attract more and more people to his so called revolution to free Pakistan from Pakistan.

Addressing thousands of protesters in the capital, Imran Khan emphasized upon the importance of protests and said that protests were going to be an integral part of Naya Pakistan. “From getting a job to government formation, all will take place through protests,” he added.

Protesters eagerly waiting for Naya Pakistan.

As per PTI’s manifesto, in Naya Pakistan, government formation process will be much easier and more transparent than the current system of secret ballot.

“Every political party or group will be free to protest against the government of that time. If their staged protest is strong enough and if they manage to topple the existing government, that party will be allowed to rule the country,” Imran Khan explained, adding that government formation by protests will free the country from evil practices like booth rigging.

Imran Khan also feels that achieving something through protests is way more satisfying and masculine than getting it by following a normal process. “After all, we Pakistanis are warriors,” Mr. Khan concluded.

If Naya Pakistan becomes reality, admission in good colleges will also take place through “protest exams”.

“All applicants will be asked to do protest and use of little violence will be allowed. Those who will be able to pressurize college administration into admitting themselves, will get admission offers,” a PTI leader told Faking News, “Similar processes will be followed in job exams and other activities like buying things by protest, where you don’t have to pay money.”

Meanwhile back in India, a new separatist group has emerged in Kashmir with the slogan “Kashmir Banega Naya Pakistan”.

A protest has been called next Friday to decide what future course should Kashmir take – with India, with Purana Pakistan, with Naya Pakistan, independent nation, or part of the ISIS caliphate.