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India all set to recover 2000 sq km of lost land from China on Google Maps

10, Oct 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The Government of India has finally reacted to some media reports that suggested that India could have lost around 2000 sq km of land to China over last few years.

The government said that this was not a cause of concern and there was unnecessary media hype around this just like intrusion in Keran sector of Jammu & Kashmir.

“The Socialist Secular Republic of India has around 3,288,000 sq km of land. 2000 sq km is nothing. It’s like a small acne on the face,” said Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid, “To give you a wider perspective, even some small farmers have that kind of land in their possession.”

Indo-China border
The rock is the Chinese contribution to the peace

“But we are not saying that we will forget about this stretch of land,” the minister quickly added.

The minister said that since there was no independent confirmation of the territory lost, they will wait for the next update of Google Maps, and check if the Line of Actual Control has actually shifted towards India.

“We will lodge a strong protest thereafter,” the Foreign Minister reassured the citizens of India.

Sources tell Faking News that Telecommunication Minister Kapil Sibal will spearhead this protest and summon Google India executives asking them to explain why Google Maps were showing a geographical situation that was different from that imagined by the Government of India.

“They will be warned and reminded that India was a big market for Google and they couldn’t indulge in such practices,” the source revealed, “Following which, we expect Google to change the Maps and show Indians the version the Government of India approves – this is the social media policy of the government.”

“Thus the land will be recovered on Google Maps,” the source explained why the policy was effective.

“In fact, without much effort, we can actually show Tibet inside India on Apple Maps,” the source added.

When asked what could be achieved by asking Google to change its maps in virtual world when it was China that was changing geography in the real world, the source said, “These are matters of diplomacy, you won’t get it.”