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India and UAE jointly take Robert Vadra’s help to seize Dawood’s properties in UAE

07, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: PM Modi’s UAE visit is finally bearing fruit after news broke out that India and UAE are jointly planning to take Robert Vadra’s help in seizing Dawood’s properties in UAE.

Robert Vadra preparing for the joint operation
Robert Vadra preparing for the joint operation

BJP may have criticized Robert Vadra over his shady land dealings in the past, but the ruling party now seeks help from him to corner Dawood.

According to sources, Govt. plans to leverage Robert Vadra’s superhuman like business skills and put them to some good use. “Our mission is to seize Dawoods properties in UAE. Since Mr. Vadra has proven skills in that area, he was the obvious choice,” said a government source.

When Faking News first broke the news to Robert Vadra he asked if we were serious. When affirmed, he said, “I am happy and willing to do all I can for the nation. Finally the government has realized my skills.”

According to our sources in Pakistan, the don is not taking this latest development lightly. “Dawood bhai didn’t really bother when Rajyavardan Rathore tweeted about covert operation. In fact he said that he will share his location and also co-operate in making the operation successful. But after bhai heard that Robert Vadra is helping the joint operation in seizing his properties, he suffered anxiety pangs. He is using all his contacts in Dubai to shield his properties from Robert Vadra,” said a source close to Dawood.

Dawood’s brother Anis Ibrahim, who looks after all his properties in Dubai, is apparently looking for buyers to dispose the properties before Mr. Vadra sets foot in Dubai.

Robert Vadra has already started preparing for the joint mission. Closed door meetings were held with govt officials where details of the operation were discussed. While UAE is mulling its own probe before it takes action, Robert Vadra was seen carrying map of Dubai with Dawood’s properties marked on it with detailed action plan to carry out the operation.

Meanwhile, speaking from Kerala post his wedding, Digvijay Singh said, “I am happy that government has finally realized the skills of Robert Vadraji. Now, the least this govt can do to return the favor is to get his name back in the no-frisking list, if not a Bharat Ratna.”