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India, China sign pact to declare Chinese incursion up to 20 km as friendly visit

23, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Beijing, China. To ease tensions on the Indian side of the Sino-Indian border, India and China today signed a pact that will allow China to undertake some friendly trips inside India without the act being labeled as “incursion”.

The pact was signed while Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is on a 3 day visit to China. Earlier today, he met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and came up with this solution to stop incursions.

Indo-China relations
A happy ending?

As per the new agreement, Chinese Army will be allowed to visit up to 20km inside India without any visa requirement. This will be treated at par with morning walk, sleep walking, or running between wickets, and the media would be barred from calling it “incursion” as such a step could harm bilateral ties.

However, Indian Army won’t be able to undertake similar friendly trips inside China as “athithi devo bhav” (guests are like gods) is not a shared philosophy between the two nations.

As per highly place sources, the agreement will be in beta version for the first 6 months. If it is found that 20 km is not good enough for healthy ties, it may be increased to 40 km or more in next version of agreement.

“Hotels, gardens, grass walkways, food joints serving Indian cuisines and Chinese fast food will be created in the 20 km stretch,” a member of the Indian delegation in China told Faking News.

China has thanked India for this generosity and promised to keep it under 100 kilometers this year.

While the border issue has been “resolved”, the issue of stapled visa to Indian citizens from Arunachal Pradesh couldn’t be resolved. China remained adamant even though India came up with innovative proposals like granting glued visa instead of stapled one.

Sources close to the PMO say that as a temporary measure, government will ask people of Arunachal Pradesh to not visit China.