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India offers to help China create replica of Ladakh on Chinese side of the border to stop intrusion

18, Sep 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In order to put an end to the Chinese intrusion in Ladakh, Indian government has offered to help China create exact replica of Ladakh on Chinese side of the border.

Reminding Xi Jinping of his country’s unmatched talent of replicating things, Modi asked him to use it to bring peace between both the South Asian nations.

“C’mon man, this is too much”

In his meeting with Chinese President, Modi even mentioned how once lord Hanuman forgot his power, but after being reminded of his might he did great works.

“Our Prime Minister tried his best to find the most peaceful solution to the border issue,” said a PMO official adding that creation of new Ladakh on Chinese side would further strengthen Hindi-Chini bhai bhai slogan. “It will be like two brothers wearing similar cap.”

Modi government is expecting China to take India advice seriously as this will not only bring peace between both the nations, but will also be a big achievement for China.

“Before meeting with Xi Jinping, Modi Ji had told me that he was going to make an offer, which Xi Ji couldn’t refuse,” External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj told Faking News. “For a country like China, which is world known for copying things, offer of having a ‘Made in China Ladakh’ is too lucrative to reject.”

Reportedly, besides offering every possible help in duplicating Ladakh, India has promised to not file any copyright infringement case.

“It’s a gift from India to China. Once they will have their own Ladakh, they will be free to do whatever they want. Phir chahe tamboo lagayein, ya atom bomb phode, unki marji,” Sushma Swaraj added further.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities are in a bit dilemma over the offer. Reportedly, they are finding such a large scale copy paste much more tougher than intruding into Indian border.

“Instead of copying Ladakh, Xi Jinping may make a counteroffer of starting construction work in Ladakh itself. He is very much impressed by the slogan – ‘Make in India’, which Modi raised few weeks back,” disclosed a source close to Chinese government.