If India releases a movie called War we should release a movie called Nuclear War: Imran Khan

04, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Continuing with his anti-India vitriol back home, PM Imran Khan today said that India has deliberately released the movie War to rile Pakistan.


While speaking to media-persons he said, “India keeps saying that they want to resolve issues through talks. Then why are they releasing movies like War. That too on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who all throughout his life spoke only about non-violence.”

“But like i said, this is Naya Pakistan. If India makes War, then we will make Nuclear War. And I can’t tell you what will happen when two nuclear armed nations go to war,” said Imran, clearly signalling that he means business.

Sources say that Imran is all set to start production of Nuclear War later this year. “The script is ready. Wazir-e-Azam will be traveling to China next week, where he will also beg for funds to make the movie. Once we get that, we will start shooting for the movie,” said a source close to the PM

Apparently Imran was also miffed with Pakistani actors for not being patriotic enough. He compared them with actors from India and how they wore patriotism on their sleeves.

Endia ke actors ko dekho. Unko bas mauka chahiye patriotic movies karne ka. John aur Akshay mein toh competition lagi hai,”  he said during a press address.

He also threatened to produce patriotic movies and act in them if Pakistani actors don’t heed his call.

“I am am a good actor. If anyone has any doubts then look at my naya pakistan speech or the time when reporter asked me about human rights violation in china and I replied with a straight face that I was not aware of it. That is method acting,” the Pak PM said, hinting at his entry into movies.