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Indian army to station Sant Rampal supporters at border to stop incursions by China

19, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. The resilience and grit showed by Sant Rampal followers in resisting police seems to have impressed Indian army so much so that they are planning to use their services at Indo-China border.

In a high level meeting held yesterday at Army headquarters, it was decided that Sant Rampal supporters would be stationed at the border to prevent further incursions by Chinese army and safeguard the areas surrounding it.

Rampal's 3D projection could also be installed at border.
Rampal’s 3D projection could also be installed at border.

“Not only are they self motivated people like jihaids, they are highly passionate and willing to lay down their life for a cause. And what’s more, they can even survive even without water and food,” the army chief explained the things that worked in favor of Rampal followers.

“We want to see the same helplessness on the face of Chinese army as we saw on the face of Haryana police and parliamentary forces,” he added.

To further motivate the Godman followers, Indian army is planning to replace the current fencing at the border with posters of Sant Rampal.

“This way we can be 100% sure they won’t allow Chinese army to even come near the border leave alone infiltrate,” explained the army chief.

When asked that if posters of the godman would be enough to get his followers into violent confrontational mood, the army chief revealed, “First we thought of asking Rampal ji to shift his base from Hissar to border, but as it would have logistically very tough, we realized only his posters would be enough to ignite passions of his followers, who are even advanced version of Jayalalitha supporters.”

Army is also looking forward to see modern ammunition being used by Rampal followers and is also using this as an opportunity to learn modern combative methods like employing women and children as shields.

Meanwhile an independent research carried out by Faking News found Bollywood star Salman Khan fans to be novices in front of Sant Rampal followers.