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Indian government condemns Chinese army for allowing Myanmar’s army into India

28, Aug 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Indian government has reacted strongly to the news of Myanmar’s army entering India and setting up camps in Manipur.

As always, they have condemned. But this time, the condemnation is unique, because instead of condemning Myanmar, the government has condemned China.

Ministry of External Affairs has issued a statement condemning the Chinese army for not taking any action against the intruding Myanmar army.

Chinese Army
“Were these guys sleeping?” an angry India asks.

“What is the use of letting Chinese army into our territory if they are not going to protect North-East India from external threats? If we just wanted some guys to sit idle there then we could have deployed government babus on the border and not ceded the territory to China,” fumed an MEA spokesperson.

He went on to add, “Once we allowed the Chinese to set up camps, we were certain that they will protect this territory against any other threat, but I guess they are as useless as us. We are going to pass our displeasure to the Chinese ambassador in Delhi.”

When we mentioned that Chinese soldiers had camped in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar’s army has intruded in the state of Manipur, he replied, “Arey yaar, what are Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur? North-east India is a single state, no?”

We thought about correcting him for a moment before thinking better of it as he looked very angry and we didn’t want to invite his wrath.

Defense ministry has not issued any statement on this incursion yet as Defense minister and Army spokesman were busy comparing notes to ensure that they don’t end up giving out different versions of the events.

We approached the home ministry for Mr. Shinde’s reaction to this intrusion on Indian Territory but we were turned away by the guard who told us that the honorable minister was waiting for his appointment with a specialist doctor.

Meanwhile, sources inform Faking News that Sonia Gandhi had her mind on the Myanmar army’s incursion as she sipped Burmese tea in the afternoon.