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Indian politicians and policemen mock Obama after his credit card got declined at a restaurant

19, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: Jag Pal, a constable of Delhi Police went into a fit of uncontrolled laughter when he learnt that US president Obama pays his own restaurant bill and that too by a credit card. His laughter kept gaining intensity as he further learnt that the credit card also got declined by VISA.

“How can people respect him if he doesn’t have even this much of dab-daba that he has to pay his bills in a restaurant for eating? His juniors must be calling him a buddhu,” wondered a shocked Jag Pal.

Barack Obama Crying
Seems, being US President is not profitable at all.

When his laughter subsided after fifteen minutes he added, “Is he not status conscious at all? Even our home guards enjoy Chole Bhature at the local corner joint for free.”

“Even when I am outside of my jurisdiction, my counterpart would phone the restaurant to arrange a 40% discount at least,” boasted Karam Bir, a colleague of Jag Pal.

“Last month when Shanta Yadav, a central minister and his family visited us, we welcomed him with an aarti and a garland at the entrance. Rather than bill him, we gave him an envelope containing Rs 2100 when he was leaving for having obliged us with his charan kamal.  A group photograph with him is still displayed at our main counter,” said Pankaj Khurana, owner of the restaurant ‘Haryanvi by Nature’.

“Last year, we raised a bill on a VVIP by mistake and accepted payment. The next day, on the pretext of having hurt religious sentiments, a crowd of 50 broke all the glass panes and furniture, until we apologized and refunded,” he added.

“Doesn’t he have any unaccounted cash to adjust,” wondered a local trader from Chawri Bazar, “If at all he were to pay, he could have paid by cash. Card should be only used when it is absolute must like paying property tax online.”

“If he spends with his credit card for restaurant bills then he must be making lot of other expenses also like this. He will definitely get a scrutiny notice from the income tax department,” commented Bahubali Mishra, an MLA from Jharkhand

Meanwhile, Abhigyan Prashad, a senior IAS contemplated, “Obama ji should ensure that VISA Company is suspended and investigated by the CBI of USA for alleged malpractices. How can they afford to reject credit card of a VVIP who enjoys Z category security.”