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Indian techie thanks Trump as his childhood crush’s family looking for H1B holder groom changes their mind

29, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prem Chander, a techie working in Bengaluru is ecstatic after coming to know his childhood crush Sarita’s family is no more looking for a H1B visa holder. Looking at the risks involved in getting H1B visa once Trump’s executive order comes in to force , Sarita’s family have started looking for suitable proposals from engineer’s working in India.


“I don’t care what people say about Trump. For me he is everything. Can’t describe my feelings for him through words. A big thanks to this man who has given me a chance to marry my childhood love, Sarita”, said Prem Chander who was in cloud nine when a common friend told him that Sarita’s mom and dad were asking about him.

“I was rooting for this great Guy Trump from the beginning as his words make lot of sense to me. Though after he became president, he has taken few U-Turns, but I am more than sure he will never drop his stand on H1B visa as he has become POTUS to primarily do this”, said Prem while speaking to us.

Prem added, “I had big crush on Sarita from childhood whose house is in my neighborhood. Never had the courage to share my feelings with her. I do not know from when Sarita’s family started looking for techies doing good in US. Some of her relatives are settled in US, so they would have influenced Sarita’s parents to look for a suitable candidate from Bay area”.

When we pointed out PM Modi is in US whom Trump has called a ‘true friend’ and he might persuade him to drop the H1B plan, Prem said, “That risk is always there and with no big state elections coming up, Modi might do multiple visits to US to wrongly influence him. I have told my parents, if Sarita’s family is ok, Chat Mangni Pat Shaadi”.

In the contrary Parents of a techie who were expecting good return on their investment if their son would have got H1B visa, said, “this man Trump simply killed the dowry market for us. I have told my younger son, with such meagre return, don’t expect us to spend so much on you like we did on your brother”.