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Inspired by Humans of New York, ISIS plans to start Animals of Baghdad

06, Jul 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Raqqa: ISIS’s social media wing Fukreh Al Tuhmad (FALTU) has always been known for its active recruitment of fresh suicide bombers directly through social media, but now it is trying to bring a more personal angle to whole social media image of Islamic State.

They are going for rebranding

Inspired by the famous web blog and Facebook page “Humans of New York” (HONY), FALTU now plans to start a Facebook page by name “Animals of Baghdad” (ANOBA). This page will serve heart wrenching short stories to its readers on why ISIS terrorists, killers and suicide bombers do what they do.

Marsad Ali Fayaz, senior social media manager for ISIS provided more details about ANOBA in a press release to international media. Marsad said, “When we are killing unarmed people, they call us animals. Some of the victims have also been calling us pigs, wolves, monsters and what not. I realized we are indeed animals of a different kind, but not those stupid animals which our victims call us by. We are brave, we are sharp, we execute with speed. In fact, we are lions and cheetahs of the world. This animalistic thinking inspired Animals of Baghdad.” Marsad then shared a few posts which carry these emotional stories of ISIS fighters. Presented below are two such tear-jerkers which will make your heart cry:

“I was seven years old kid staying in Baghdad when one day my best friend beat me at a game of snakes and ladders. I felt so angry that I stole my father’s revolver and shot him dead. My father was an affluent guy hence nothing happened to me. I did not know at that moment that I would one day take up “cold blooded killing” as a profession and later join ISIS. Over the next few years, as a growing up teenager, I killed several of my friends whom I didn’t like. When I turned 18, I started killing complete strangers for fun. I was without any purpose when ISIS took me in and taught me to kill only with a purpose. I and my team now targets peaceful cafes, markets, and people going for work and decimate them by the dozen. We were taught a lot of reasons by ISIS on why we are doing those killings. Honestly I don’t understand even one of those reasons. I just know I have a machine gun in my hand and I have to pull the trigger. My life has a higher purpose now, which I right now don’t understand. But one day I will.” – Parvez “Gun” Shazaad, Syria-Iraq border

“I was doing my PhD in chemical engineering when one day I discovered that two specific chemicals can explode when I combine them in a particular ratio. I was excited at first but then I met a preacher who told me that I can use these chemicals for peaceful purposes. He even wanted me to experiment with these chemicals in a busy market but my conscience said no. I said I will just make these chemical bombs and give them to him. He can them use them for all peaceful purposes he wants. It has been 3 years now and bomb making is now my 9 to 5 job. I drop my kids to school; make bombs all day long in a laboratory, with one hour lunch break. I then pick back my kids from school and then come back home and watch football on my LCD. We all look for satisfaction in life. And I believe I am doing my bit in making this world a more peaceful place. I am something more than I was.”  – Shamim Aloo Bukhari, Suburbs of Baghdad

While PETA has strongly objected use of word “Animals” by ISIS, many liberal journalists and anchors in Indian mainstream media have welcomed this move by Islamic state. A veteran journalist Ms Loveleena Jangid put the following post on Facebook almost praising “Animals of Baghdad”. She said, “ISIS fighters may be a bit wrong and their ways may be a little bad, but one cannot deny the humanity behind cruelty which ANOBA brings out. Whenever I read their posts, they bring tears to my eyes. Whoever is making an effort to write these blogs and FB posts is a talented artist. I wish the world was more accepting of true art, no matter where it originated.” Ms Loveleena later deleted her post upon social media outrage, but clarified that she still loves “Animals of Baghdad” for the work of art it is.