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Inspired by Indian politicians, Hillary Clinton promises free microwave ovens to all Americans

22, Mar 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Washington, DC. In an inspired move that stunned both her Democratic and Republican opponents and sent them into a rethink of strategy, US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised free microwave ovens to all Americans if she’s elected The President.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary is all set to sweep the elections after she took out her trump card.

Speaking to Faking News, a campaign insider said that Hillary was inspired by the regularity of the success of the Indian politicians offering freebies during their election campaigns.

The idea of free microwave is said to have been inspired by the free mixie grinder distribution by Amma in Tamil Nadu.

The poster that opened Hillary's eyes
The poster that opened Hillary’s eyes

Hillary chanced upon a famous poster of Obama, Xi and other world leaders bowing down to Amma and immediately realized the power of free kitchen equipment.

Her campaign team is also studying the other freebies offered by Indian politicians like free cycles for girls, free laptops and tablets. They are also exploring offering free beer and pizza on the day of voting.

Meanwhile, Democratic opponent Sanders and Republican opponent Trump are learnt to have been exploring the potential impact of promising free water, electricity, and WiFi.

We talked to our employee Vijay Virodhi, who is a political analyst and in-house expert on everything, and he said that this was a result of globalization.

“Both the countries are learning from each other,” Vijay said, “While Indian politics is increasingly resembling the presidential contest, US politics will see use of freebies and communal appeals.”