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Inspired by Indians using Italian names, Italian builder names a residential complex sundar ghar, suffers a huge loss

04, Sep 2016 By RT

Milan: An Italian builder, after his recent business trip to India, named his under construction residential complex as ‘sundar ghar’. Faking News’ international reporter, with specific expertise in Italian affairs, brings the full story.

Sundar Ghar, awaiting customers

Mr. Vito Caroleone, travelling to India, found the country to be thoroughly amusing. Since it was a business trip, his friends took him around India’s leading builders’ residential townships. The Italian totally felt at home seeing names like casa bella, casa rio and casa urbano. There were no names in any of the languages spoken in India, only Italian.

Thoroughly bewildered by the observation, Vito asked a few residents if they knew what casa bella means in English or Hindi. To his further amusement, no one seemed to have any clue, including the estate management. When Vito revealed in simple English, ‘Beautiful home’, the crowd repeated ‘oh! Sundar ghar!‘.

“I don’t know anything about bella or sundar, for that matter. For me, casa bella means a dead investment. My father always used to warn me against investing in something one doesn’t understand. Only if I had listened to him!” one of the residents almost got into tears. That kind of moved Mr. Caroleone, to see Indian people having blind faith in Italian names.

At that very moment, Vito decided to name his new project as ‘Sundar ghar’, as reciprocation for the unconditional love of the Indians. He even took along with him, the name in devnagri script and font to give it a world class feel.

‘Sundar ghar’, boldly read the name in full page ads in the local dailies. Milan citizens woke up to find billboards, in an incomprehensible script, all over the city, with Vito smiling and standing next to the proposed new construction. Like in India, Italian builders also sell the homes before they are constructed. When Vito hoped for new home aspirants to turn up in large numbers, his wait turned out to be futile.

‘Sundar ghar’ failed to amuse the locals and a few customers who had booked earlier with a booking amount of more than a million in Italian Lira (that is same as Rs.50,000 for booking a casa in India) forfeited the booking. According to our international reporter, the name had swung a net loss of more than a billion liras for Mr. Caroleone and he is reportedly considering changing the name again to something Spanish, not willing to give in to the whims of his clientele; non ancora.