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Iraqi Christians and Yazidis send their DNA samples to UN to show they are humans too

07, Aug 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Mosul, Iraq. Besieged Christians and Yazidis living in Iraq have sent their DNA samples to United Nations to show them that they too were human beings and people should worry about their rights too like they do for the rights of people in Gaza.

Iraqi minorities have taken this step after the world continued being busy with Gaza even as ISIS, who have taken over a major part of Northern Iraq, continued to massacre these groups to establish a pious religious state.

At a makeshift refugee camps in mountains of Northern Iraq, a former citizen of Mosul, Iraq told us, “I don’t know whether the world had limited weapons that they exhausted in bringing democracy to Libya and Iraq, or they have limited concern that they are exhausting in Gaza. Why can’t they fight ISIS or at least show some concern when thousands of us are dying and rest living without food and water?”

ISIS terrorists
ISIS terrorists looking for human beings who are actually not humans so that they can be finished off

“We are humans too, you can check our DNA samples,” he added.

“We haven’t sent our DNA samples just to the UN, we have sent it to all the human rights organizations around the world, but we have got no responses so far,” another survivor (till reports last came in) from Sinjhar informed, “We have heard that India was a country where everyone from politicians to NGOs to social activists care for people under attack, but no response from them either.”

Back home in India, we asked a prominent activist who is fighting for human rights in Gaza whether he plans to fight for Christians and Yazidis of Iraq too.

“What are Yazidis?” the activist first asked, “And how do we protest against ISIS? They don’t even have embassies in India. In fact, Modi government is arresting those wearing ISIS t-shirts in India. This is so shameful! This fascist government is not allowing ISIS representation and embassy in India. How can we protest then?”

When this reporter asked why they need a local representation to protest against an inhuman act, the activist shot back, “If you are so concerned, why don’t you protest yourself?”

Faking News then met a Lok Sabha MP (name hidden on request) who had expressed serious concern for deaths in Gaza to ask what he thought about ISIS. He replied, “Look we can’t stall Indian parliament demanding action against ISIS. It will not help. And furthermore, ISIS freed nurses from my state.”

Meanwhile, Iraqi minorities are now planning to ask Nana Patekar to mix their blood with residents of Gaza to prove that they have been made equals by God.