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ISIS planning to destroy the whole world by bringing down all social networking sites at once

05, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Washington, D.C. As per US intelligence-gathering agency CIA, dreaded terrorist organization ISIS is planning to destroy the whole world by bringing down all social networking sites at once.

Making a formal announcement of the looming threat, US President Barack Obama called it one of the most deadliest threat which human civilization has ever faced.

Brace yourself, ISIS is coming.

“It’s not less dangerous than collision of the Earth with a giant asteroid. If it happens, only God knows how human race would survive this disaster,” said Obama while addressing a press conference at White House, urging people to stand together and maintain their sanity in case ISIS succeeds to achieve its goal.

Obama along with other world leaders present at the press conference vowed to do anything to stop ISIS. “We understand how important are social networking sites for current generation. And believe me, I am not going to let ISIS destroy the websites which are not less than oxygen for us,” a firm Obama continued.

Experts say, ISIS is aiming to hit the world population where it hurts most.

“Considering level of craziness for social networking sites and apps, especially in developed and developing nations, it’s highly probable that a sudden social media blackout would leave people insane,” explained world known psychologist Dr. Robert Batra.

“As of now, billions of people have their lives stored on servers of social media giants, which makes the servers the most lucrative targets for terror organizations,” Dr. Batra added further.

A source close to the terrorist organization reveals, ISIS’ primary aim is to turn world population insane and mentally disordered. “Then it will be easier for ISIS to turn common public into their agents,” disclosed the source exposing ISIS’ vicious plan.

Taking precautionary measures, United Nation has requested people to reduce their dependency on social networking sites and find some alternate ways to kill their time.

Reportedly, for emergency purpose, Obama has asked Google to keep Orkut ready to keep down count of casualties.

“If, God forbid, something happens, Orkut accounts will be given to serious social media addicts. It will give them some extra time to recover,” a senior Google executive told Faking News, “Our now defunct Orkut will be acting as oxygen masks for many.”