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ISIS to offer ESOPs to its fighters to counter rising attrition rate

10, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Raqqa, Syria: Struggling with the loss of many of its fighters to rival terrorist organizations, ISIS has come up with a new strategy to keep hold of their employees. They will now offer ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) to its fighters along with salaries to ensure greater retention.

Employees happy after getting ESOPs
Employees happy after getting ESOPs

After they cut fighters salaries by as much as 50% recently, ISIS lost many of its fighters to competition and now they have decided that they must put a stop to it if they are going to hold the territories they have in Syria and Iraq.

“We are fighting on multiple fronts right now. There is the Syrian Government, Iraqi Government, Kurds, Russians, Americans, Europeans and we can’t afford to be short staffed at this point. Many of our workers left the company after the recent pay cuts and since we are short of cash right now, we had to think out of the box to keep hold of the remaining workers”, said ISIS HR manager Naukri Raqqawala.

“We were inspired by many tech firms that offered ESOPs to attract and retain talent and to counter high attrition rates. Our field is becoming even more competitive than IT these days and the increasing number of players in terrorism market has pushed us towards this decision. We have already offered ESOPs to all the employees on our payroll and will be offering it during our campus recruitment program as well this year”, Mr Raqqawala explained.

As per sources, this is only the first step by ISIS. They are also planning many other steps like blast from home, flexible shooting hours and onsite placements in Pakistan for their fighters.