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J, K and L should be together like in English alphabet: Trump again offers to mediate on Kashmir issue

22, Aug 2019 By RT

Washington, D.C. The president of USA, Donald Trump has demanded that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh be united as a state again. J, K and L have always been together for the past 1400 years, he said citing the alphabets from the English language.


“I offer to mediate to resolve this tough situation. My solution probably will be very simple, may sound like a retreat move for India. But again, J, K and L have always been together. It is the natural order. For that matter, I, J, K and L have to be recognized together. Whether ‘I’ is for Islamabad or India, I leave it to the imagination of my two good friends,” the POTUS told Faking News. 

“We have followed English for centuries and it is their wish to keep Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh together. The language keeps it together. For us, India and Islamabad come first; then Jammu and Kashmir. We also have another expansion for IJKL now. It is Integration of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh together,” he further added.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has demanded that Azad be added to their country as A and B are next to each other, though Azad and Bangladesh are geographically far apart, it is learnt by Faking News. When asked whether ‘Mexico and New Mexico will be united as a single regime’, Trump refused a comment to our Faking News International reporter.