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Jealous of Indo-Japan talk, China invites Nawaz Sharif; Imran Khan threatens to go to India as PM & meet Kejriwal

01, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Islamabad. As Indian PM Narendra Modi is bromancing with Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, a jealous China has invited Nawaz Sharif, the PM of its close ally Pakistan to Beijing.

However, China’s initiative has unintentionally worsened the political turmoil which Pakistan is facing as of now.

PTI chief Imran Khan, who along with thousands of supporters are protesting in the capital city has warned Nawaz Sharif to not visit any country as Pakistan PM.

Imran Khan
“Nawaz Sharif, I am warning you”

“He is not our PM and he has no rights to accept China’s offer. In case he visits Beijing, I will be going to India as Pakistan PM,” warned the rebel leader, adding that he had even convinced Indian politician Arvind Kejriwal to meet him in Delhi.

“We are trying our best to stop Nawaz Sharif, and as last measure, we are planning to lie down on the runway at airport. But if he manages to escape using a helicopter, I will declare myself Pakistan PM, and will go to India to meet Kejriwal,” Imran Khan revealed his future course of action.

On being asked, why was he meeting Kejriwal, Imran said that Kejriwal was a good man. “I think we have much in common. According to me, he is the Indian Prime Minister,” he added.

On the other hand, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is not in a mood to get afraid of Imran’s threat and has already started packing his bags for China trip.

Sources say, in the current situation, Mr. Sharif does not want to miss any foreign trip. “The way protests are going on in Islamabad, even Nawaz Sahab is not sure for how many days he is going to be in PM office. He wants to make most out of the remaining days,” revealed a source close to Pakistan PM.

Considering the way Japan is treating Narendra Modi, Nawaz Sharif is expecting a grand welcome in China.

“Nawaz Sahab is very much sure that to outperform Japan’s royal treatment to Modi, they will do anything. He has even requested Chinese President to arrange fish to feed, and if possible a shark or a whale would be better,” the source further disclosed.

Meanwhile in Islamabad, an anti-Imran Khan political group has started protesting against Imran’s plan and leader of the group has threatened to visit Bangladesh as Pakistan PM if Imran visits India.