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JeM chief Masood Azhar's bank account frozen for not submitting KYC documents, nothing to do with terror: Pak clarifies

26, Oct 2016 By @jurnoleast

Islamabad: A day after Masood Azhar’s bank account was frozen, State Bank of Pakistan has issues clarification saying that the account JeM chief was frozen for complying with banking norms. Pak Interior Minister corroborated the statement and added that freezing of the accounts have nothing to do with terror.


Speaking to Faking News a senior official of the bank said, “Yes, we have banking norms too. Mr. Masood Azhar did not submit his KYC documents in spite of repeated reminders. We had no other option but to freeze the account. We will also block the credit card that has been issued to him.”

Masood Azhar has individual and joint accounts with his wives. Most account are with the State Bank which have not been updated with personal details as per bank rules.

Sources reveal that the case pertains to a joint account of Mr. Azhar and his begum which they have in the bank. “Though out chief is  keen to resolve the matter and activate his account, some of his documents are not traceable. We have asked one of the Indian news channel to help us with the copies of documents,” said a spokesperson for JeM.

Following the clarification Pakistan’s Interior Minister hit out at India for not checking facts and making sweeping statements. “They always do this. Don’t check facts and then point fingers at us for harboring terrorists. Especially that loud mouth news anchor who keeps surgically striking us with his hashtags,” said the Minister.