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Joe Biden says fuck off to Pakistani asking for nuclear deal

24, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Washington, DC, USA. US Vice-President Joe Biden has used the F-word yet again. After having termed the healthcare bill by the Obama administration as a “big fucking deal”, Biden asked a Pakistani diplomat to “fuck off” when he asked USA to sign a nuclear deal with his country. The banter, which is now being termed as being a “friendly” one by the White House, was supposed to be a private conversation, but was captured by the audio-visual equipments around.

“We usually tell Pakistanis to fuck off, they don’t mind. It was a friendly banter.” clarified a White House spokesperson after the incident created a huge buzz on the internet with hashtags like #BidenFucks trending worldwide on Twitter.

Joe Biden
Biden is seen here happy, allegedly after saying the F-word to a Pakistani

Pakistani administration too has downplayed the incident, asking their domestic media not to give any undue importance to the F-word.

“Internet is a crazy medium. We still remember how the video of President Zardari telling a student to shut up had gone viral. But we all know that the President loves his citizens. The same way, Biden loves us.” explained Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Mr. Qureshi also quickly added that India too was told to fuck off many times by the USA on the earlier occasions, just that those incidents couldn’t be recorded.

But the explanation has failed to pacify many groups back in Pakistan, who are demanding that US should ask India to fuck off in no unclear terms.

“Both the countries should be treated equally. Either Obama should ask Indians working in the US companies to fuck off or they should cancel the nuclear deal with India. If neither of these is done, we should stop fighting Taliban and ask USA to fuck off.” demanded Fakait Farooqi, a lawyer at Lahore High Court.

Meanwhile the incident has raised concerns over expletives used by senior diplomats getting public. Earlier, Obama had used the word “jackass” that went viral, though no harm was done to his presidency. But back home, Congress spokesperson Satyavrat Chaturvedi had to resign from his job when he used a similar word for Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar.

“I think the Indian society has to mature and allow such words to be used more freely. It’s fucking fun.” opined Alok, an ice-cream seller in Delhi.