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Kashmiri Separatists released to wave ISIS flags for entertainment after their cable TV stops showing Pak channels

20, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Srinagar. Hurriyat leaders and Kashmiri separatists, put under house arrest early this morning to stop them from meeting Pakistan’s national security advisor Sartaj Aziz had led out a huge protest after finding Pakistani channels too disappearing from their cable TV.

The separatists were caught protesting inside their living rooms from the prying cameras of Faking News.

Scenes of normalcy returning in Kashmir.
Scenes of normalcy returning in Kashmir.

“I was watching PTV news to find out about the actual and true happenings in Azad Kashmir, India occupied Kashmir and Pakistan and suddenly a black screen appeared. I frantically switched between all Pakistani channels, but found none of them working,” recalled Hurriyat chief Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

“It is a clear ploy by this fascist and communal Modi govt to devoid us separatists of any source of entertainment,” he added as he read tweets of Rana Ayub.

“We are glad at least NDTV is working for now and we can see Barkha Dutt’s program. Now this channel and columns of Praveen Swamy are our only source of knowing real events happening in Pakistan and India,” he said as he hoped NDTV is not taken off.

Separatists claim that they are 100% sure that cable TV network that they have subscribed to is run by Kashmiri Pandits who are being given instructions by Ajit Doval, RAW and Indian Army.

“First of all they put us under house arrest and now there are no channels on the TV that we can emotionally and mentally connect with. It’s clear RAW is behind all this,” said Yasin Malik.

“At least give us some ISIS flags to wave for some source of entertainment,” he screamed on the BSF officials guarding his gate.

Meanwhile latest reports claim that govt agreed to their demand of waving ISIS flags and all except Syed Ali Shah Geelani were released for sometime to prevent them from going insane.