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Kim Jong furious as Jayalalitha supporter photobombs his vacation pic

30, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

Pyongyang: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who was on a vacation to celebrate New Year, was reportedly furious after a Jayalalitha supporter photobombed his vacation pic.

Jaya supporter photobombs Kim Jong's pic
Jaya supporter photobombs Kim Jong’s pic

Kim Jong Un was on a vacation to Ju Hu Beach in North Korea and was taking a boat ride when the incident happened. “Our respected leader was having a boat ride and wanted to click some pics, when suddenly a man carrying a pic of lady emerged from the sea and photobombed our supreme leaders vacation pic. We have taken the man in custody and our supreme leader will decide what is to be done with him,” said Lun Gi, senior advisor to Kim Jong.

Reports reveal that the captive, J Janardan belongs to Tamil Nadu and is a supporter of Jayalalitha. He was taking a selfie with the Tamil Nadu CM’s pic when he slipped and fell into the sea. When he resurfaced, he was in North Korea and saw someone taking a pic. Instinctively he held Amma’s pic and it led to photobombing.

Apparently, Kim Jong Un was so furious with the incident that he executed two of his servants. “Our leader executed two servants in a fit of rage and he almost executed his pet dog Ding Dong Un. He also threatened the executives of the camera company for not making anti-photobombing cameras,” Lun Gi added.

Sources close to the leader say that Kim Jong was initially thought that the man in the background was an alien as he didn’t have the typical North Korean looks. Later, close aides explained that the man was Indian and also explained the concept of ‘rest of the world’ with a map to the supreme leader.

In Tamil Nadu, political activity was observed after the news of Janardan’s captivity was flashed across news channels. DMK chief Karunanidhi went on a ‘day long indefinite fast’ to secure the release of fellow Tamilian.

Indian authorities are in constant touch with North Korean officials to ensure the release of J Janardan. “The photobombing happened in international waters so North Korea cannot impose its laws. We are trying to reason with Kim Jong Un ji,” tweeted Sushma Swaraj.

Meanwhile, Jayalalitha’s political foe Captain Vijaykanth lashed out at Jayalalitha supporters and praised Kim Jong Un. “This is the Limit. At least Kim Jong supporters don’t come to Tamil Nadu to promote their leader. When will Amma’s supporters come to their senses,” he screamed as he threw a toothpick in the air, instantly hitting the fly buzzing over his head.