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As Kulbhushan was suffering from Cold and flu, Glass Partition to stop mother & wife getting cross infected: Pak

27, Dec 2017 By dasu

Islamabad: After India strongly reacted to the way Pakistan ‘arranged’ the meeting between Kulbhushan and his family, Pakistan foreign office has clarified why it was done in that manner.


‘Kulbhushan was suffering from severe bouts of cold and flu and we did not want his mother or wife getting cross infected by hugging him or by coming in close proximity of him”, said Dr. Mohammad Faisal, spokesperson of Pakistan foreign office.

Mr. Faisal said, “It would have been easy for us to postpone the meeting to a later date till Kulbhushan get well. But Pakistan is not like other countries. We honor our commitments. That’s the reason we put a high-quality glass partition to facilitate the conversation without any undue to risk to health of our esteemed guests”.

Mr. Faisal had tweeted series of pictures on Monday showcasing Pakistan’s ‘hospitality’ like the ‘comfortable’ three seater sofa they gave to Kulbhushan’s mother and wife to seat, couple of water bottles to enjoy before the meeting.

When we asked when high-quality glass partition was there what was the ‘reason’ behind Kulbhushan’s family members being asked to remove mangalsutra, bangles, bindi and shoes as there was no chance of ‘cross infection’ for Kulbhushan, Mr. Faisal said, “We did not want to stress Kulbhushan, did not want him to get emotional. It was telecasted live, rona dhona acha nahin dikhta”.

Why Marathi was not allowed, Mr. Faisal said, “As you know, we cannot allow the ‘face of terror’ to pass some secret information to his mother in Marathi which we do not understand”.

Mr. Faisal while sharing videos, by mistake shared a wrong one where it showed “Kulbhushan thanking Pakistan government for the third meeting he had with his family members”. It showed when it comes to Indian matters Pakistan remains well prepared in advance.