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Lahore airport classified as new tourist attraction after Modi visit, to receive makeover

27, Dec 2015 By BullDozer

Lahore, Pakistan. The Allama Iqbal International Airport here is all set for a facelift after being designated a tourist attraction by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi choosing the airport as a impromptu Christmas destination, experts believe that the airport can be developed as a top tourist destination in Pakistan, where surprise celebrities can be seen.

A PTDC official, on condition of anonymity, confirmed the development to Faking News. “Yes, after the rare sighting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, tourists — both local and foreign — have begun flocking to the airport,” he said, pointing to the makeshift seating arrangements that were being hastily put together.

Modi at Lahore
Pakistan has already gained from Modi’s visit

But the future plans for the airport are somewhat more elaborate.

PTDC has already tied up with Twitter as the official ‘sighting guide’ for the Allama Iqbal International Airport, with followers of the PTDC Twitter handle receiving information about that day’s sightings before anyone else.

“No journalist had any idea that Narendra Modi will be seen at the airport, but now such information will be provided by our Twitter handle,” the official revealed.

But there’s more.

“We plan to create a permanent viewing gallery at the arrivals and departures sections of the airport, so people can get an uninterrupted look at our surprise visitors,” he said, adding that plans for a mini amusement park and Hard Rock Café-style memorabilia gallery were also in the pipeline.

But what about security concerns given the risk of overcrowding?

The official disclosed that plans to adopt a system of alternation had been discussed. He proudly pointed out, “We will allow people whose names start with vowels, and those whose names start with consonants on alternate days.”

When asked if the Delhi chief minister had inspired him, he snapped, “No, we had this idea long before Arvind Kejriwal did.”

A family that appeared to be camping at the airport for the long haul — with food, water and all sorts of supplies — said that they were waiting for the Indian cricket team to finally show up for a full-fledged series. This correspondent did not have the heart to tell them that their supplies would likely run out before that happened.