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Lakhvi already missing luxuries of jail life, wants to go back

19, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Rawalpindi. If reports are to be believed, one of the key plotters of 26/11 Mumbai attack, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, currently out on bail given by an anti terror court in Pakistan, is already itching to go back to jail.

Lakhvi is reportedly missing the charmed life that he lived inside the jail and is thinking of ways to get back to his luxuries as soon as possible.

Lakhvi thought life outside the jail would have improved for better but was shocked to see inflation and poverty levels at all time high.

Lakhvi is reportedly also missing the antics of jail staff, who were ordered to keep him entertained and in good spirit.
Lakhvi is reportedly also missing the antics of jail staff, who were ordered by ISI to keep him entertained and in good spirit.

“Life outside the jail sucks. My struggles as a common man in Pakistan are back,” rued Lakhvi, “Now I understand why Hafiz miyan said ‘you lucky bastard’ when I was being arrested and taken to jail.”

Lakhvi’s prime motive to come out of jail was to check on his child that he fathered while he was still in jail. Happy to find his child playing with toy rifles at his home, all the doubts that Lakhvi had about his wife’s loyalty vanished and he was convinced that the kid was indeed his blood.

“I was elated with the progress this young kid is making. He is on a right track and his upbringing is going about just perfectly. Now I can go back to jail without any tension,” said co founder of LeT.

However Pak establishment rubbished rumours that they were still not serious in their resolve to kick out terrorism from country and pointed to Lakhvi’s unhappiness of being out on bail as their defense.

“We knew releasing him would turn out to be far graver a punishment for Lakhvi than keeping him in jail, that’s why we bailed him out. We are committed to fight terrorism,” said the ATC judge who gave bail to Lakhvi, while breaking into a laugh.

Meanwhile facilities given to Lakhvi by Pak authorities in jail seem to have motivated many other petty criminals into becoming terrorists.

“I guess any crime against India would have been safe enough to land myself in that suite,” said a pickpocketer, who is rotting in jail for last 5 years.