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Looking at US Presidential candidates, Mexico to build a wall to keep escaping Americans away

21, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mexico City: Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has announced today that the country has decided to build a wall along its northern border to keep Americans out. Mexico expects many Americans to try and escape from the country one Hillary or Trump enter the White House and is preparing to stop them from entering Mexico.

Hillary Trump
                  Dumb and Dumber?

While many Anti-Trump Americans have said that they will prefer to move to Canada if he gets elected, Mexico is unsure about the preferences of Anti-Hillary Americans and is not leaving anything to chance. Unfavorable ratings for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are a record in American electoral history so Millions are expected to leave USA once either of them becomes the President.

President Nieto had earlier refused to pay for the wall between Mexico and USA but after discussing the implications of hosting millions of American immigrants, has decided to go ahead with it. Calling the US Presidential race the 3rd film in Dumb & Dumber film series, President Nieto gave a green light to the wall.

“We have full sympathy with the American people and advance condolences for their next President but they must understand that they can’t come to Mexico. They are always welcome as tourists but we can’t host millions of Americans permanently and we fully expect millions to escape once their next President is sworn in. Therefore, we need this wall to keep the trespassers out”, a spokesperson for the Mexican government said.

“We can build them a corridor as well if they want, from the American border to Guatemala and they can go to Latin America if they want. We have no issue incurring all this expense but we don’t want all those immigrants on our soil”, the spokesperson added.

When we asked whether they can get a wall ready by January, the spokesperson replied, “Of course it will be. We have all the Mexican workers available with us. It won’t be as high as the wall in Game Of Thrones but it will be high enough to keep wildlings Americans away.”

Meanwhile, Canadians have requested their PM Justin Trudeau to reconsider his stand on welcoming all immigrants.