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Man who couldn't find his missing specs claims to have solved missing plane mystery

18, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Sherlock Sharma, a Delhiite in his early twenties, is claiming to have solved the mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which has been baffling even the brightest aviation experts.

However, Sherlock failed to find his own specs, which have been missing since 12th of March.

But he is confident that one day he will find them for sure. “You see, specs are very small in size when compared to a Boeing 777, so obviously it’s not that easy to find them,” clarified Sherlock Sharma.

Another theory

Sherlock has presented a new theory about the disappeared jet after a week of continuous online research by watching numerous YouTube videos focused around plane hijacking and UFO activities.

“It appears that terrorists have entered into a deal with aliens and they they have hijacked the plane together,” Sherlock briefed Faking News about his findings. “In order to destroy the world, aliens have found an ally in terrorists.”

But despite Sherlock’s path breaking innovative theory, his father is not too happy with him.

“I shelled out Rs 6000 for the Ray Ban specs that he lost. On being asked he said that it’s in the house, but he couldn’t find it. And this idiot claims of solving plane mystery, huh!” rued Sherlock’s father.

Sherlock father has warned him to either find the specs or come up with a believable explanation on how he lost them.

“If he fails to do that, I will get broadband connection removed from our house,” Sherlock father added in anger.

Meanwhile, to calm down his father, Sherlock is working on a new theory about his lost specs.

“Initial research is suggesting that our housemaid is having a CIA connection. Most probably she stole my specs to bug it and hopefully I will find them in few days,” doubted Sherlock. “They want to read my mind by bugging my specs with nano level mind reading technology.”