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Manohar Parrikar gives deadly blow to Pak backed terrorists by releasing a book

06, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who is facing flak from all quarters for attending a book launch when jawans were being killed in J&K, today claimed that it was deliberate attempt by him to destabilize terror groups in Pakistan.

Parrikar pointed that considering high illiteracy levels in Pakistan and education being their weakest point, he wanted to counter terrorism with literature, hence the move.

Parrikar displaying the weapon that could till terrorists.
Parrikar displaying the weapon that could kill terrorists.

“Everyone knows how backward Pakistan is, in everything except terrorism,” Parrikar told Faking News, “By launching Rajdeep’s book, which must be the best literature works to have come out in recent times, it was my way of reminding them about something they terribly lack and embarrassing them.”

The terrorists too seemed to have gone into a state of depression after the book launch.

“They have hit us where it hurts the most. No, not below the belt, but straight on our brains,” said a senior terrorist, pointing towards his knees.

“We could have sustained retaliation by their army, attack by their BSF forces, hell even a silent condemnation by MMS, but I think scars of this blow are going to last till eternity,” he added.

What seemed to have hurt the terror group responsible for killing Indian jawans, is the fact that their attack had absolutely no impact on a party that claimed it would teach a lesson to Pakistan before Lok Sabha elections.

“So much effort and risk goes into infiltrating and killing on LOC side of India. Its not like West Bengal where infiltrators are welcomed with red carpet. And still there is no recognition. This is totally demotivating,” the mastermind of attack revealed.

When Faking News asked him if attending a book launch function wasn’t a same thing like Ex- Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde attending a Bollywood event featuring Kangana Ranaut, right after Patna Blasts last year, Parrikar said, “The two situations just cant be compared. Rajdeep is far better a performer on camera than Kangana Ranaut.”