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Maoists on fish eating spree in Nepal accuse India of sending mutant fishes

05, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Kathmandu, Nepal. For the last two days, Maoists in different parts of Nepal are at large, killing eating and hoarding fresh water fishes of all kinds. This has instilled a sense of fear and loss among the locals but Maoists claim that the fish flushing exercise is being carried out to purge Nepalese waters from harmful and willful contaminations by India. Maoists claim that India has been sending mutant fishes into Nepalese rivers that have been killing and eating innocent Nepalese citizens.

Maoists with a suspected Indian fish
Maoists with a suspected Indian fish

“We have confirmed reports that India has released thousands of mutant fishes into our waters. Many young Nepalese boys have lost their lives while swimming or fishing. They were eaten up by this mutant fish called goonch, which was released by India into our territory. Not only such mutant fishes, even regular fishes have been released by India and our rivers now contain mostly Indian fishes instead of pure Nepalese ones. How do you expect a sovereign nation like us to put up with some shit like this? We have to purge the system.” Maoist leader Matasya Kamal Dahal averred.

But Nepalese environmentalists are not pretty impressed with the latest act of the Maoists and have termed the fish-flushing mission as being ‘hopeless and senseless’. The environmentalists believe that such actions will only hurt Nepalese economy and ecology in the long run instead of putting India under any kind of pressure whatsoever.

“I don’t know how killing fishes in Nepalese rivers is going to help us, even if for a moment we accept that the fishes were released by India. We have to ask ourselves if such fishes are doing any harm to our economy or ecology. On the contrary, I guess these fishes only help our nation develop a sound ecosystem. I don’t know what’s the logic or motive behind all such stuff.” an environmentalist told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, for he feared that he could also be killed along with the fishes for speaking out against the Maoists.

Common Nepalese too have expressed surprise and shock over the latest move by the Maoists. The move has especially made things worse for poor fishermen who have been unable to fish for the last two days as all the rivers are under the siege of Maoists. Many among such fishermen have been forced to buy fishes from Maoists and then sell them at higher prices in the market, which has pushed up prices of fishes many times over. Many Nepalese are now turning towards vegetarianism and Buddhism as a result.

Meanwhile India has denied releasing any fishes, were regular or mutant, into Nepalese rivers. A class fourth employee at the Ministry of External Affairs briefed the journalists on the issue earlier today, as most of the senior officials and ministers were too busy to express their opinion on the fish crisis of Nepal.