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March by South Mumbaikars works, Trump bans guns in USA

26, Mar 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Washington DC: What years of activism and protests couldn’t do in the US, one march in South Mumbai has achieved. With an executive order, President Trump has banned private ownership of guns after a march was taken out in South Mumbai in support of gun control.

Tweeting the news, President Trump said ,”We all know that those living in South Mumbai are the most important people for America. Their opinions matter the most when it comes to this country and if they feel so strongly about gun control then absolute gun control we will have.”

He further went on to tweet ,”All the activists in USA are agenda driven political activists but those in South Mumbai, they are the only ones who care about America. Their protest has opened my eyes and made me realise how crucial gun control is for us.”

After this news broke out, National Rifle Association (NRA) started checking the names of the politicians in South Mumbai so that they can fund them during the next election cycle. “We were blind sided, we kept our focus on politicians in the US but forgot about the most important Americans in the world, the ones from South Mumbai. We will correct that during the next election and get the ban revoked.”

Meanwhile, upbeat after this success, South Mumbaikars are planning to take out a march against the malpractices re-election of Vladimir Putin in Russia. “We are sure we can get him to resign”, a South Mumbaikar said.