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McDonald’s launches 3-feet long burger in Pakistan

13, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Karachi, Pakistan. In order to provide “acceptable” romantic experience to couples visiting the family restaurant, McDonald’s has announced special 3-feet long burgers for their outlets in Pakistan. These burgers can be shared by couples sitting across a table, which is the allowed seating position for couples in Pakistan.

A couple in restaurant
The new burger will reduce the distance between couples

The decision was taken after a McDonald’s restaurant in Karachi objected to a man sitting beside his wife. The man, who had even put across his arm around his wife’s shoulder, was asked to move to the other side of the table as per policies of McDonald’s Pakistan, which aims to create an Islamic family atmosphere in the restaurants.

“But that doesn’t mean we want to deny any romantic and peaceful atmosphere to visiting couples,” Abdullah McAnsari, CEO of McDonald’s Pakistan told Faking News.

“What can couples really achieve by sitting next to each other in a family restaurant? At best they can take a bite together on a burger, right?” Abdullah argued, “We realized that our burgers were hardly six-inches long while our tables were at least three feet long. And maybe that’s why couples were forced to sit side by side.”

Abdullah denied that there could be any other reason for couples wanting to sit next to each other.

“Do you mean they want to make love in our restaurants? Don’t be silly. That’s not allowed at all in Pakistan,” he said, “If you have this sudden outburst of love and affection for your spouse, please take it to the privacy of your own home.

Convinced that a couple in a family restaurant should sit side by side only to take a bite together on a burger, McDonald’s Pakistan announced launch of 3-feet long burgers that will be soon available in all its outlets and allow couples to have a nice time in the restaurant.

The announcement has been welcomed by many in Pakistan, who saw this as the perfect solution to the problem of couples sitting next to each other.

“Such innovative and indigenous solutions are good for our society. We shouldn’t blindly copy the west or India, where couples take a bite even on French fries together! A clear case of French kiss in disguise!” a Karachi resident said.