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Modi and Sharif can't see eye to eye, but they may wave at each other which we can’t control: New York hotel staff

26, Sep 2015 By dasu

New York. From the time it was announced that both the premiers will check-in to the same hotel during their stay in the city, the hotel management has cancelled all the pending leaves of their staff and have asked them to leave no stone un-turned to ensure Modi and Sharif don’t get a chance to greet each other.

After ministry of external affairs of both the countries instructed the hotel management to strictly follow this protocol, this has become a prestige issue for the reputed hotel. We spoke to the manager of the hotel who is supervising all the arrangements personally.

Modi showing Nawaz where his country is headed.
Modi showing Nawaz where his country is headed.

Manager said, “We will not be complacent. I can assure you, we will not take anything for granted. We all saw what happened when NSA chiefs of both the countries were supposed to meet last month and the meeting got cancelled in the last minute. Something similar can happen here too. Though both the countries are saying there is no way their premiers will greet  each other during their stay, who knows they might change their mind and do the reverse.”

Giving us more insights in to the arrangement the manager added, “Entry, exit points, the location of the rooms, the dining area, lifts, everything has been taken care of so that Premiers cannot see eye to eye at least when they are inside our hotel premises. Only risk is the open parking area in front of hotel lobby; from a distance they might be able to see each other. They might wave at each other too, which we cannot stop.”

Commenting on this historic occasion, noted historian Ram Buha said, “This is a great moment for both the countries as both prime ministers will stay in the same hotel and my probable guess is both would not like to lose this opportunity, they will definitely greet each. From how much distance, difficult to say at this point of time.”

Meanwhile instead of speculating whether both premiers would hold any talks, Indian media is doing heated and long debates to speculate if they would wave at each other or not.

“The duration of their wave could determine the direction in which future relations of both the nations is headed,” claimed an expert, “For their countries’ sake, I hope one of them winks too.”