Thursday, 24th May, 2018


Modi leaves for Israel to welcome Benjamin Netanyahu when he returns back to Israel

17, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was received at the airport by PM Modi. 2 days back he was received by PM Modi at the Delhi airport. And tomorrow he will be again received by PM Modi in Delhi maybe. That’s what the media thinks but sources have revealed that PM Modi is one step ahead in providing excellent hospitality to his counterparts. He is planning to leave for Israel so that he can welcome PM Netanyahu when he flies back to Israel after the completion of his trip.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu started his six-day tour. However, welcoming Netanyahu at the airport was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who broke security protocol with this big gesture. Modi has missed a chance to personally welcome a foreign guest at the airport. And he expects the same from his counterparts when he visits their country. The smile with which he receives his guests is legendary and world leaders have always appreciated his personal welcome.

Netanyahu visited Delhi and Agra yesterday. Today he will be accompanying PM Modi on a road show in Gujarat. As per the press release, the Israeli PM is supposed to visit Mumbai tomorrow and arrangements have bbenjamin-netanyahu-narendra-modi_c3665e1e-f917-11e7-b42e-2d533d154b0feen made for PM Modi to receive him there with full fledged celebrations.  But as soon as the Mumbai visit starts, PM Modi will soon leave for Israel as he has to reach there before Friday to welcome Netanyahu on his return to Israel.

PM Modi will be accompanied by delegates from PMO, and industrial sectors to receive Israeli PM in Israel. This will be the first at instance in the world where a  PM will receive his counterpart in his counterpart’s country. This gesture is bound to create great promotion for India’s impeccable hospitality across the globe.