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Modi to follow cricket model, to continue meeting Pak counterpart Nawaz at neutral venues

25, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Kathmandu. Taking a cue from India-Pakistan cricketing model, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to meet Pakistan PM Nawz Sharif on sidelines of SAARC Summit in Nepal today.

Just like in the game of cricket, India has cut all bilateral ties with Pakistan, but continues to face them at world events on neutral venues; Modi has decided to meet his Pakistan counterpart in SAARC SUMMIT to be held at neutral venue in Kathmandu.

Nawaz confused if Modi greeting or trolling him.
Nawaz confused if Modi greeting or trolling him.

Modi is confident that just like Indian cricket team manages to win most of these games played at neutral venues, he too will be able to control the direction of talks held in Nepal.

“We have seen in cricket how Pakistan comes into too much pressure after sudden resumption of cricket at neutral venue, here too we are confident they will be stressed and it will become easy to dominate them,” explained source from PMO India.

“Also the fact that it was India that cut off foreign level secretary talks will play on their minds and have huge psychological impact,” he added.

Experts feel if talks are successful, Kathmandu could soon be to diplomacy what Sharjah was to crikcet.

However just like results in Sharjah were marred by presence of bookies, here too bookies have made their presence apparent.

“Since India has cut off major cricketing ties with Pakistan, this bilateral clash is our only opportunity to make a living,” cried a bookie.

“At present form, India is firm favorite to win this bilateral talk riding on Modi’s form, but even if that doesn’t happen, be rest assured that we will convince Pakistan to throw away talks just the way they agree to throw matches,” another bookie revealed on conditions of anonymity.

Though it is pretty much certain that Modi will meet Nawaz, the nature and length of the talks is still a circumspect.

“It is not yet confirmed if Modi will have a test match level full bilateral talk with Sharif or it will be an ODI level informal retreat in Dhulikhel for a brief chat or it will just be a T20 handshake,” a source told Faking News.