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Movie, in which Pak defeats India in a World Cup match at Kashmir, a hit in Pakistan

22, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Islamabad. Pollywood fantasy movie Lord of the Jung directed by notable Pakistani film director Abdul Aziz is doing roaring business in Pakistan and has shattered all the previous box office records.

Lord of the Jung, which stars Pakistan’s own Sunny Deol, “Shaan Balwaan”, is a fantasy drama which revolves around cricket world cup and Indo-Pak war.

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Shaan Balwaan plays the character of a Pakistani Army officer Major Bilawal Toofani, who besides serving army also plays for Pakistan national cricket team. He has been portrayed as a man who is at least 10 times more talented than Rajinikanth and Sir Jadeja combined.

In first half of the movie, Major Bilawal helps Pak cricket team defeat India in the final match of cricket world cup at famous Lord’s cricket ground. The movie shows Pakistan defeating India in the semi-final match too, but fails to explain how India moved on to the finals.

“As if your Bollywood movies have any logic! Get lost you loser,” reacted one Pakistani citizen when Faking News asked about the loopholes in the movie’s plot.

After beating India several times in the World Cup matches, the hero then helps Pakistan defeat India in Kashmir in the second half.

The film has been received well by Pakistani film critics, with most of them giving it 5 out of 5 star ratings.

“This movie has finally given Pakistanis a reason to cheer about. What our cricket team and army failed to achieve in reality, has been done by Shaan Balwaan. He fulfilled our dreams,” said an emotional Ajmal, who is a film critic at Geo News.

“If it was possible, I would have given it 10 out of 5 stars,” he added.

Independent reviewers have declared Lord of the Jung as a level-5 fantasy movie and have placed it even ahead of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Such is the demand for the movie that theater owners have to remove people forcibly after movie gets over as people start asking for once more, once more. “It’s like they don’t want the dream movie to end,” said Mohammad Parvez, owner of a film theater in Peshawar.

Delighted with story of the movie, Pak government has decided to award Movie director, Abdul Aziz, with country’s highest civilian award – Nishan-e-Pakistan.

Pakistan Film Association has further recommended ‘Lord of the Jung‘s name as Pakistan’s official Oscar entry in Foreign Language Film Award category. But our highly placed sources in Pollywood confirm that its name may be rejected because of violating the ethics of a fantasy movie.