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Musharraf caught traveling on fake visa bought from Chinese agents

02, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Chandigarh. After having been denied a genuine visa by India, former Pakistani General and President Pervez Musharraf apparently took help of some Chinese agents in getting a fake Indian visa and managed to sneak into India this morning, latest reports suggest.

Local police here has detained a person, who totally looks like Musharraf, and was caught possessing a fake visa and making anti-India speeches.

“He was beaten up by Kashmiri Pandits and some other right-wing activists, who were still roaming horny after slapping Mirwaiz last week,” inspector Jarnail Singh informed how the police succeeded in apprehending Musharraf promptly.

Perverz Musharaf
Pervez Musharraf, immediately after having been brought to the police station

Police took Musharraf to the nearest police station after rescuing him from the mob, which was trying to reach for the ex-general’s trousers after having torn his shirt and broken his spectacles.

After checking his documents, police concluded that the detained person was indeed Pervez Musharraf who had arrived in India early today morning on what looked like a fake and cheap Chinese version of the Indian visa.

“Although his documents showed that the visa was valid for a stay for six weeks in India, it had already expired when we caught him,” Jarnail Singh said, “such a low life of visa confirmed that it must be a duplicate Chinese version.”

Punjab Police has filed a case of sedition, illegal stay, forgery, obscenity, and destruction to government property against Musharraf.

Musharraf has denied all the charges even as he struggled to justify how he could sneak into India despite having been denied visa a day earlier.

“See, I don’t need to employ the usual routes,” Musharraf said talking exclusively to Faking News, “I could become the President of Pakistan when nobody thought it could happen.”

But it seems Musharraf’s adventurous and mysterious trip to India could land him in serious trouble. Pakistan has declared that the person caught by Punjab Police is not a Pakistani, not even a non-state actor.

“We don’t know any Musharraf,” Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said, “And no, India doesn’t need to send us any dossiers to prove that. They can do whatever they want to do with the man they have arrested. We are not interested.”

Some experts believe that it’s a ploy by Pakistan to disown Musharraf so that India ends up spending additional crores of rupees from the national exchequer on court trial, apart from what they are already spending on Kasab.

“Furthermore, we never know when would Arundhati Roy declare Musharraf ‘an Indian of a kind’ if he’s kept in the police custody for long,” an expert warned.

To overcome these grave threats, some of the experts have suggested handing over Musharraf to Arnab Goswami of Times Now so that the ex-Pakistani President could be used as a captive guest for non-stop television debates.

“Pakistan’s plans will fall flat. We’d have a wild party each night on The Newshour and India would end up generating crores of advertising revenue,” the expert proposed.