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Narendra Modi planning to gift iPhone-6 to Obama to improve ties with US

13, Sep 2014 By Pavan

New Delhi. After Modi’s recent visit to Japan where he gifted Bhagavad Gita to the Japanese king as a mark of gratitude, Narendra Modi is now planning to gift the precious iPhone-6 to Barack Obama during his visit to the US later this month.

When Faking News contacted one of the PMO officials for the information he said, “Yes Modi ji has booked the iPhone-6 after its initial launch to gift it to US president to improve ties with them. This will be the most precious gift given to any person and we are pretty sure that they will sign the deal with us without even looking at the documents as Mr. President will be busy learning the features of the new iPhone.”

Mitr Obama iPhone leke aaun yaa Xiaomi MI3?”

However this news has not gone down well with the other political parties and they have come out sharply criticising the move, blaming Modi of wasting the taxpayers’ money.

Faking News got in touch with Digvijaya Singh, who lashed out at Modi, “Modi is trying to appear secular and modern by gifting iPhone-6, but why should he buy an American phone? In fact, why phone? He could have given other books to Obama if not Bhagavad Gita. India is not only the land of Amrita, I mean, Gita, it is also the land of 100% tunch books like Kamasutra. He could have gifted that book if he wanted to be secular and modern.”

“We use taxpayers’ money to renovate our house and offices and he is using it to gift the person who is planning genocide on the minorities in Iraq. This clearly shows the involvement of RSS in this planning,” he further alleged.

Aam Aadmi Party too has criticized Modi for this gesture. The party claimed that a smartphone was not something that should be gifted but it should be used to make sting operations.

A party leader went on to claim that using the iPhone-6, they can conduct a sting operation on Obama, where he will be seen trying to bribe Kumar Vishwas to be the President of United States or take part in Big Boss season 8. Unconfirmed sources say that the party could soon start collecting donations from people to fly to the USA and expose Obama.