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NASA finds a planet where people mind their own business and don't compare their children with Sharmaji's son

05, Oct 2015 By sameer mahawar

NASA: Just after discovering the presence of saline water on Mars, NASA has made another significant achievement by identifying a planet named ‘AKSKR-4’, an abbreviation for ‘Apne Kaam Se Kaam Rakh- 4 log kuch nahi kahenge’.

Celebrations erupt at NASA after discovery of the new planet
Celebrations erupt at NASA after discovery of the new planet

The research started on ISRO’s request, after they realized that people in the country deeply focus on lives of others and provide them with unwanted and unnecessary suggestions.

Apparently, ISRO had received requests from many people to search for a planet where people mind their own business.

“Such invention was need of the hour especially when people applied their minds, eyes, ears, nose and every other thing they could into the lives of others instead of caring about and ignoring the hotch-potch going on in their own lives,” said a senior scientist.

Saddened after hearing the news that their family would be the first one to get shifted over there, aggrieved Mrs Gupta said, “Now how will I look into affairs going in our neighborhood, how will I insult my kitty mates whose son-in-laws earn less than mine, how will I berate my son by comparing his rank/salary with Sharmaji’s son?”

She has requested to arrange atleast one Sharmaji there until she could reduce her power of comparison gradually.

“At the first instance it was unbelievable that such society exist which doesn’t give a damn about chaar log. But due to our persistent and continued efforts, we made this discovery which was more challenging than finding water on Mars. Parents don’t scold their children when they do any desired and unconventional task,” said Mr. Nobody Givesaduck from NASA.

As soon as the images of people from newly discovered planet were out, PK exclaimed “इह हमरे गोला के लोग है” and has requested Modiji to take him along after knowing that PM will be visiting the foreign planet soon.