NASA sends image of lacs of people walking on Mumbai roads, BMC clarifies that those are potholes

04, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. With the coronavirus bringing the city into total halt, there is no one on the Mumbai streets and the streets which were full of people anytime in the day is showing a deserted look. NASA though sent a latest image of lacs of people walking on the Mumbai streets during the lockdown.

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BMC stepped in and clarified that those were the potholes in the city and people are still in their houses. And they were right, there was no one on the streets, no disturbance to the law and order situation of the city. NASA also verified the claim by using high power lenses and gave a proper view of the potholes. Some of the potholes were looking like pure work of art. Some were 10 years old, some 20, some even more than that.

NASA was highly impressed by the artwork and has shared the image with other countries so that they can also create something as beautiful as this in their cities. The Mumbai potholes have also entered the annual art competition organized by the world art society.