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NASA's insight lander reports presence of Ajay Devgn on mars after pouch of Vimal Paan masala was found on the planet

27, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

NASA’s insight lander today landed on mars and successfully relayed back pictures of the red planet. As per sources the pictures reveal presence of Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn after empty packets of Vimal paan masala were found.

Sources say that several such packets were seen lying around at different locations on the planet. The lander has collected these packets are they will be sent back to earth to further investigation.

“The purpose of this expedition was to study the surface of mars and identify possibility of human colonization. But with our latest finding it seems that Ajay Devgn has already set up a colony of paan masala eaters,” said a NASA official.

The agency however still awaits reports of soil samples and images of paan masala stains to reach any conclusion. “Probably in the future more than the presence of water, it would be these empty paan masala and gutkha packets that will help our space missions to look for signs of life. The colors red and orange have high wavelengths. That is why pan stains can be seen from far off,” he added.

Ajay Devgn however said that he had no idea how the empty packets landed on mars and how they landed on planet. The star, who had studied Astronomy as part of his undergraduate studies questioned NASA’s findings and said, “How could they spot the paan stains so accurately when mars itself is a planet filled with red soil.”