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Nawaz Shareef to visit ISIS territories to counter Modi’s Silicon Valley tour

29, Sep 2015 By thepelicanclub

Islamabad. While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is enjoying a rock star like treatment and adulation in Silicon Valley, Pakistan has yet again planned a smart move to show India its place like all previous wars between the two sides.

Soon after returning from US, Pakistani PM Mr. Nawaz Shareef will be travelling to ISIS Territories in Syria connecting with Pakistan Diaspora in those parts. Speaking exclusively to Faking News, the Pakistani National Security Adviser Mr. Sartar Aziz has confirmed the plans.

“Kaise ho mere Jihadi mitron?”

Mr. Aziz also added that this is a wonderful opportunity for the Pakistani PM to connect with most famous exports from Pakistan – Jihadis. Pakistan is really proud that their homegrown industry which started as captive unit to support war Against India has really come on its own has taken over the world. Most of the top terrorists across the globe are Pakistanis and so many terrorist organizations now have a Pakistani origin.

However sources close to Mr. Shareef accept that he is really worried about falling quality of Jihadi’s especially the ones looking for onsite opportunities in India. While India talks about Brain Drain which PM Modi says is Brain Deposit, Mr. Shareef wants to ensure Blood Drain and has thus called on the Jihadi Diaspora for Blood Deposit.

To improve this situation, Mr. Shareef has also launched a Jihad Pakistan and Blast Pakistan campaign to counter Skill India & Digital India. He has also launched  Blast in Pakistan campaign to encourage the Jihadi Diaspora and for skill development of upcoming Jihadis. He has also promised safe havens by citing example of Dawood Ibrahim who has never been in Pakistan. They can always argue that killing of Osama is off course US conspiracy of planting his body in Pakistan after killing him.

Sources say that on auspicious occasion of  Mr. Shareef’s visits, ISIS has announced beheading of 1000 captured male slaves and 500 female slaves to honor visiting delegation.