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Nawaz Sharif asks Raheel Sharif to act against terrorists, Raheel reduces the salaries, perks of terrorists

10, Oct 2016 By dasu

Islamabad: Facing the heat from various quarters to act against terrorists, Pakistan has finally decided to do something about the home grown terrorism. As civil government of Nawaz Sharif asked Pakistan Army to do something about the terrorists, General Raheel Sharif has decided to reduce their salaries as punishment.

The Sharifs!

“Nawaz Sharif is worried about the way he is gating isolated among his international peers. He has to maintain good relations with other countries so that he has a place to run to once the inevitable coup happens. Now we must act tough against terrorists to send a good signal around the world and that is why Nawaz saab has asked Raheel Sharif to act”, a source in Pakistan’s PM office told Faking News.

An Army spokesperson confirmed this development and said, “Yes, Nawaz saab said that we should do something to punish these terrorists so we immediately reduced their salaries. They were caught napping by the Indian Army so they don’t deserve those fat salaries any way. We have even decided to take away several perks and put in a review system for a periodical appraisal.”

“General Sharif is working towards bringing something called quarterly appraisal system for these groups. A guy like Dawood will be immediately placed under PIP (personal Improvement plan), unless he does something in next three months, he will be asked to go”, said the official.

“Army Chief has told PM that there would be a ten percent reduction in salary for non-performers and no annual bonus during the festivals. Hecould have gone for deeper cuts, but please remember more than Army, these non-state actors are fighting unofficial war with India every day, they should never feel insecure and we have to keep them motivated”, he went on to add.

“Being a businessman first, Mr. Nawaz Sharif understands money better than administration, we feel the steps Army chief has taken would be appreciated by him”, said the Army official.