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Nawaz Sharif to bring water and blood in UN assembly, says he will prove that water and blood can flow together

26, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad: Shortly after Indian PM Narendra Modi said that water and blood can’t flow together, Pakistan has hit out at the statement calling it a lie. To prove their point, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif will take a pint of blood and a bottle of water inside UN General Assembly and show it to everyone that they can flow together.

“Who said water and blood can’t flow together?”

Indian PM Narendra Modi made this statement after chairing a meeting to review the Indus Water Treaty between the two nations.

“India has always lied about everything. We have tried to tell UN repeatedly but everyone always ignored us, now is the time to prove it once and for all that Indian PM is a liar. How can he say that water and blood can’t flow together? We saw recently in Bangladesh that it can happen and now we will prove it in front of everyone in UN”, a Pakistani government spokesperson said.

“Our PM Nawaz Sharif will take a pint of blood with him; water bottles are anyway present inside the assembly. He will throw both liquids together on the floor and then we will all see that Indian PM is a liar. Both blood and water will flow on the UN floor. That will ensure international isolation for India and elevate Pakistan’s status in the world”, the spokesperson added.

As per sources inside Pakistani government, Pakistani PM got this idea of practical demonstration while watching Nana Patekar starrer Krantiveer where the hero proved conclusively that there is no difference in blood of people from different religions.

“We were really worried that India is going to send another fat dossier to us and we had already alerted the garbage disposal unit in our office but thankfully, this time they focused on Indus Water Treaty and provided us with an opportunity to show the world that India is lying”, the spokesperson added.

Nawaz Sharif has also been advised to avoid using his own blood for the experiment. “Indian EAM Sushma Swaraj is likely to make an aggressive speech in the UN. If that makes Nawaz saab’s blood curdle, the flow may get impacted”, the Pakistani government spokesperson said.