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Nawaz Sharif found giving missed calls to Erdogan, wants to ask tips on thwarting coup

17, Jul 2016 By manithan

Islamabad: Hours after the failed coup in Turkey, Turkish President Erdogan’s phone started buzzing every 2 minutes with missed calls from Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz, who himself was removed in a Military coup 17 years ago, wanted to speak to Erdogan to take tips to avoid a coup.

Nawaz calling Erdogan from 2-2 phones…

Posters have appeared in Pakistan over the past week requesting Raheel Sharif to take over the country and Nawaz is worried that the Army chief may decide to act on this suggestion. As Nawaz was wondering how will he stop any attempted coup, he heard that Erdogan has survived an attempted coup and immediately decided to contact him for tips.

“The moment we heard that there is a coup underway in Turkey, we rushed to our TV sets and started watching as the events unfolded. We had expected a short operation in which the Military takes over everything so we had already planned to allow Erdogan to live in Abbottabad without our knowledge but surprisingly, Erdogan survived. This really impressed us and Nawaz saab immediately got ISD facility activated for his phone and started giving missed calls to Erdogan”, a senior official in Pakistan government said.

“Erdogan saab hasn’t returned our calls yet, maybe his balance is also low but we are confident that he will get in touch with us soon. We will discuss anti-coup strategies with him and maybe sign an agreement where he promises to protect us during any attempted coup”, the official added.

“It is not as if we didn’t learn anything during this episode. We saw how Erdogan was speaking to his people using Facetime. Therefore, Nawaz saab has ordered new iPhones and iPads for every member of his party from the Government funds. We are all ready to Facetime any time we want now”, the official said.